What is Ascension Life Coaching and who is it for?

Are you a Lightworker feeling the call to step fully into your personal mission? Have you been doing the ‘work’ but feel you are hitting a ceiling in your personal spiritual development? Are you ready to blast through those upper 3D limits and raise your vibration permanently? Are you done with fear and old karmic programs?

As an Ascension Life Coach,  I serve those who are serving on the front lines during this planetary shift. I help Lightworkers step into alignment with their authentic life path, release density in their fields, raise their vibration above the fear frequency and move towards true Soul Sovereignty.  We are stepping into a new paradigm and you are needed. I am here to support your journey!

Ascension Coach - Tawney Pierce - Boulder, Colorado

Uncover and release the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks you didn’t even realize were holding you back

Gain clarity and vision for your life path moving forward
Develop the mental and emotional skills you need to create your life with intention
Learn how to listen to your inner guidance and make decisions free of confusion or fear

“With the help of three Marconic Energy sessions and three Life Coaching sessions, I have been able to identify my true calling, begin speaking my truth with confidence, begin showing up more as myself in marriage, and forgive myself for years of self hate and doubt. I am now attracting more clients without any marketing, and building a community of like minded women. I am so grateful for Tawney’s skill and love.” Liz – Dayton, Ohio

Ascension Life Coaching

Journey to Soul Sovereignty – Foundations

6 Week Program


Marconics Benefits - Advanced skills to accelerate your ascension
Marconics Benefits - Fulfill your personal mission
Marconics Benefits - Discover how to manifest the life of your dreams


    6 weeks of personalized intuitive 1-1 coaching sessions (scheduled at your own pace)

    Welcome gift

    Weekly email recaps, personalized worksheets and journal prompts, and access to me via email coaching throughout the week.

    Access to all Journey to Soul Sovereignty course content online

    Practical Ascension Guidance – Where the Woo Rubber Meets the Road

    Advanced esoteric knowledge is useless without practical application in your daily life. During this unique 6 week program, I will serve as your guide as we map out your personalized ascension path. I will fit you out with all the tools and understanding you need to begin the Journey to Soul Sovereignty. It will be up to you to make the climb, but the view from the top is stunning! Take my hand… let’s GO!

    Marconic Energy - Ascend Beyond The Clouds

    The Adventure Begins (Up Up the Mountain)

    Week 1

    Understanding the Landscape – Shift Happens!
    Where we are in the Shift and how YOU fit into the Ascension picture in 2020.

    Week 2

    Mapping the Terrain
    Where are we going? What is Ascension? How do I get there from here?

    Week 3

    Navigating the Road Ahead
    Understanding the process of Personal Transformation.

    Week 4

    Gearing up – Essentials for the Journey
    Advanced psychic tools and protections – Ascension Symptom first aid.

    Week 5

    Fueling the Journey – The Power of Aligned Thinking
    How to drop the ballast and use high frequency thoughts to drive your Ascension.

    Week 6

    The View from the Top – Manifesting your Higher Dimensional Life Now!
    Moving beyond 3D manifestation and stepping into the Joyful Creator Field.

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    “Working with Tawney through the Foundations Program has been such an integral part of my Growth Journey. She provides effective tools to move through the real world integration of one’s Ascension process. Tawney’s program and coaching has been such a gift to me. She is an expert advisor and wise mentor who teaches with the ease and fun of talking to a trusted friend. This program is unlike any other I’ve experienced and I’m fairly advanced in the soulful development realm. Each module builds on the last with substantial but manageable chunks of information. Things I intuitively felt were confirmed, clarified and expanded in a way that is clear and concise. Best of all, I now know that I am not alone in doing this work and have an amazing support soul guiding me towards my mission and passion.” Patty – Rochester, NY

    Ascension Life Coaching

    1-1 sessions are available in-person or remote via Zoom

    Coaching Packages

    Invest in yourself and save with Coaching or Coaching + Energy Packages

    Ascension Coaching + Energy Package

    My most popular package includes 3 Marconic Energy No-Touch sessions and 3 Ascension Life Coaching sessions.

    Combining Marconic Energy work with Coaching results in rapid clearing, better access to your intuition and a heightened ability to discern your next steps. You will reach a higher vibrational state in just 6 weeks.

    $599 (Save $67)

    6 Session Coaching Package

    Over six sessions, I work with you to transform a few major areas of concern in your life. Weekly email coaching support is available.

    This package is perfect for those transitional stages along your Ascension journey. You will gain clarity for your next inspired actions. I will give you the transformative tools you need to continue powerfully coaching yourself.

    $599 (Save $67)

    12 Session Coaching Package

    Twelve sessions provide ample time to dig deeply and make major shifts in your thoughts and beliefs, dramatically impacting the results you see in your life. If you are ready for a major SHIFT, this is the package for you. Your commitment counts!

    Email and phone support are included in your package as well as weekly exercises tailored just for you.

    $1199 (Save $133)

    “I cannot say enough good things about Tawney and the support she has provided me through an incredibly hard season of life. Her coaching style has moved me from a place of complacency, by equipping me with ways to hold myself accountable for the actions I want to take and direction I want to move in. She is an incredibly strong listener with the ability to hear and pull important pieces that need to be addressed or processed properly. I always look forward to our sessions together, because I know I consistently come away feeling empowered to move towards my goals quicker and with a realistic plan in place. Thankful for her!” Meg – Denver, Colorado

    Contact me to book a free Coaching Consultation

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    Email: tawney@tawneypierce.com
    Phone: 720-717-0992
    I see clients in person at The Kamala Center for the Healing Arts in Boulder, Colorado or remote via phone or Zoom.