Marconics Practitioner Certification Classes

Begin Your Journey Back to Light

“Everything that came before has prepared you for this moment”

You are a Multidimensional Being; an incarnated expression of a vast Oversoul that is orchestrating numerous lifetimes throughout space and time. 

Align with your Ascension into 5D, 7D or 9D; as you anchor the frequencies of a new paradigm for yourself, and become an Ascension ‘Gatekeeper’ for others.

Whether you are a seasoned Healer, a Lightworker, or a Seeker on the path for Knowledge and Wisdom, you will be forever changed by these seminars!

Join Marconics Master Teacher Tawney Pierce for the two-day Level 1 Marconics Practitioner Training. Graduate ready to provide the powerful ‘No-Touch’ protocol to your clients, friends and family.

Continue your learning with the Level 2-3 ‘Integrated Chakra Unification’ and ‘Quantum’ Recalibration Protocols (normally performed together as the two-part Marconics Recalibration.) As a graduate, you will become an Ascension Bridge for others while accelerating your own personal Ascension.

Level 1 Classes

Learn the Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Protocol

Two day course $550

April 27-28 – Longmont, CO

June 8-9 – Colorado Springs, CO

July 27-18 – Longmont, CO

August 24-25 – Denver, CO

Oct 19-10 – Longmont, CO

Nov 2-3 – Colorado Springs, CO

A Marconic ‘Quantum’ Recalibration is a prerequisite for class and prepares you to run Marconic frequencies – $333 

Level 2-3 Classes

Learn the Marconic

‘Quantum’ Recalibration

Three day course $1260

June 21-23 – Longmont, CO

August 26-28 – Denver CO

Nov 15-17 – Longmont, CO

Level 1-3 Intensives

Special Pricing When you Take all Three Levels over 5 days $1755

August 24-28 – Denver CO

Level 4

Available to Advanced Training Graduates- w/Lisa Wilson- Co-Founder of Marconics

Additional class locations and dates available at


Advanced Alchemy Lectures Included in Levels 1-3

‘The Fall of Man’ from our Universe of Origin

Restoration of The Holographic Body Templates

Reunification through Mother Arc/Aqua Ray Magnetics

Higher Evolution of the Light Body/Merkabah

Activation of ‘Infinite Quantum Strand’ DNA

Integration of Higher Self & Future Self Identities

The Path to Soul Sovereignty

“It is essential to balance the Ego-mind and the Spirit in every dimension throughout the Harmonic Universes, and harmonize the Ascending Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies for Healing and Ascension into Higher Dimensions.

When the Multi-Dimensional Holographic Body Templates are aligned, the body will Heal and Repair itself, Activate Spiritual DNA, and bring all Aspects of Fragmented SELF into Unification.” 

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“Hail Traveler,
I have waited for you…

We have walked this path together, you and I…
and now the roads diverge and we must take the one less traveled.
You mapped the route before you came and left markers along the trail
as reminders of your mission, but you grew weary on the journey
and seeking shelter from the battle, you slumbered too long in the sun.
Now you are awakened by a thundering storm.
Have you have forgotten your covenant?”

 – Grace Elohim, The Elohim Collective

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