Tawney Pierce

Transformational Life Coach
Marconic Energy Healing Practitioner

Transformational Coaching

Imagine designing your life from a place of infinite possibility, a life that brings you deep fulfillment and the connection you long for.
By creating self awareness and helping you shift perspectives, I partner with you to create a path forward to a life that expresses the authentic you.
My intuitive coaching style combined with proven cognitive methodologies facilitate deep change and rapid results. I will help you take inspired action towards your goals and support your journey on the way. 

Marconic Energy Healing

Ready to Upgrade Your Energy? Marconic Energy is the Evolution of Energy Healing! 
A Marconic Energy Healing Session raises your vibration high above the fear frequencies of the third dimension, allowing you to  experience increased peace and balance in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Marconic Energy connects and aligns you with your Higher Self at Source, supporting your personal ascension and facilitating your spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Transform with ME!

I am here to help you accelerate your personal evolution. It’s time to drop the ballast holding you down so you can rise higher. This means stepping fully into who you really are and what you are here to do. With Transformational Life Coaching and Advanced Marconic Energy Healing, I provide the keys to unlocking your full potential. Are you ready to SHIFT?

About Me

I am a soul having a human experience just like you!  After successfully rebuilding my own life after divorce, reclaiming my personal power and learning to accept and love myself fully, I found my true calling in helping others level up and become the highest version of themselves. I find my greatest joy being in service to others.

A highly intuitive empath, I excel at helping my clients find clarity in the chaos. I am often told my methods are “magic” as my clients make rapid and profound shifts during a single session. My long-term coaching and energy clients achieve life-changing results when they commit to doing the deep work over time.  I’m a Level IV Marconic Energy Practitioner and a Certified Life Coach. I work with clients remotely or at my office in Boulder, Colorado. I’m also a Lightworker with a fondness for dark chocolate. Let’s chat about it!


“I cannot say enough good things about Tawney and the support she has provided me through an incredibly hard season of life. Her coaching style has moved me from a place of complacency, by equipping me with ways to hold myself accountable for the actions I want to take and direction I want to move in. She is an incredibly strong listener with the ability to hear and pull important pieces that need to be addressed or processed properly. I always look forward to our sessions together, because I know I consistently come away feeling empowered to move towards my goals quicker and with a realistic plan in place. Thankful for her!”

Meg, Denver, Colorado

“Tawney’s Marconics ascension energy work is profoundly life changing! Working with her, I now have direct access to my Higher Self and have developed a profound level of discernment and clarity on my life purpose and direction. I can’t say enough about how powerful this transformation has been for me.”

JC, Boulder, Colorado

“I highly recommend working with Tawney if you are seeking a safe, fresh and effective energy healing and transformative experience.”

Lesley, Boulder, Colorado

My energy session with Tawney was extremely calming, both physically and mentally. I felt paradoxically light as a leaf floating down a stream and heavy as a rock in a riverbed. I sensed certain lines tugging themselves back into their rightful place as she moved over my body, and in the days following the session I’ve noticed increased mobility in my left knee where I had surgery as a teenager. It ameliorated my persistent low-level anxiety and I’ve found it easier to direct my energy towards the things I love rather than focusing on feeling bogged down. I can’t wait for my next visit!

Maggie, Boulder, Colorado

I met Tawney through The Life Coach School. She reached out and explained the amazing work she does and I felt so called to work with her. We did a remote marconics session (she is in Colorado and I’m in Ohio). During the session, I felt so many physical sensations from being pulled, lifted, and held. With the help of three marconic sessions and three life coaching sessions, I have been able to Identify my true calling, begin speaking my truth with confidence, begin showing up more as myself in marriage, forgive myself for years of self hate and doubt, attracting more Clients without any marketing, and building a community of like minded women. I am so grateful for Tawney’s skill and love.

Liz, Dayton, Ohio

“I am so grateful for the energy work Tawney provides. I have worked with her for awhile and it has transformed every part of my life. The Marconic Energy work is unlike others I have tried. All areas where I was stuck, I now see with renewed clarity. Tawney’s follow up discussions provide insight into the shifts that occur after the energy work. My life began to flow in ways I never expected.”

Linda, Boulder, Colorado

“Tawney’s Marconics session was amazing! It was incredibly helpful to access the calming, reassuring energy of my higher self, especially in response to many questions and anxieties that had been riddling me day to day. I’m so glad I found this practice. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to soothe their nerves in our modern world of overwhelm. It’s a simple way to tap into an elevated, lasting sense of peace.”

Heather, Boulder, Colorado

“Since receiving Marconics from Tawney, I’ve noticed several significant changes. My challenges have not disappeared, but I feel more confident in the choices i make in the midst of difficulties. I seem to have a more positive impact on others, and I’m clearer about who I am. I now have the clarity or the knowing to move thru obstacles that have plagued me for decades. It’s also as if the veil that kept me from experiencing myself as whole and connected to others and the larger universe is falling. I see my past and the people around me with more compassion. “

Merrit, Louisville, Colorado

A Healer of the Ages! That’s how I would best describe Tawney and her practice. She is not only gifted but she is kind, nurturing, and she truly wants to help people move into their life’s mission/purpose. A few weeks after my first session, one of my (life-long) dreams has opened up and is becoming a reality. Along with many signs from the universe that it is NOW TIME to put a focus on it. I feel that Tawney and this energy work has accelerated this path for me. I highly recommend this for anyone who is ready for it!

Jen, Boulder, Colorado

“Coming from someone who has never done any energy work and was a bit skeptical of the whole thing, I can’t say enough about how absolutely amazing my Marconics session was with Tawney. I could actually feel the energy and I can’t even put into words how incredible I felt afterwards. It definitely was like nothing else I have ever experienced in my life. I highly recommend Tawney’s work in this new emerging field of energy work!”

Chris, Boulder, Colorado

Get In Touch!
Email: tawney@tawneypierce.com
Phone: 720-717-0992
I see clients in person at Holobeing Healing Arts Center
Boulder, Colorado or remote via phone or Zoom.