How I got here…

A little over a year ago, I took drastic steps to align my life with my purpose. Although I had been successful in my career, I felt a growing sense of dissatisfaction in my life. The accomplishments that used to feed my ego no longer provided me any joy. I was going through the motions, and each day began to feel more and more like drudgery. I knew I wasn’t offering my best self to the world, or walking in my highest purpose. I was aware of the gifts I had been given but wasn’t using them to their fullest potential.

I cleared my plate of everything that didn’t align, got out of a relationship that had run its course and quit my high-paying corporate job to become a coach and energy healer. I was in the gap between two versions of myself. Although I was excited about my new direction and living more in alignment with my purpose, a niggling doubt was lying deep inside me. This is the heart’s question that drives most of our decisions and actions when we aren’t thinking from a place of infinite possibility. “Will I be OK?”

Taking leaps is one way to activate the Universe’s creative support for you. You are always supported, but when you leap, the Universe recognizes this shift and instantly goes into action, energized by your soul’s willingness to expand. Never make your decisions from a place of scarcity based on what you can see in the moment. You must leap first and trust that the Universe will unfold all the elements you need at the moment you need them to succeed as your Highest Self. I know this truth and have experienced it many times. However, the small question remained as I began this wayfinding process towards a new way of being. So, I asked the Universe and received a beautiful answer.

“Why do I feel so small right now?” In leaving my relationship and job I felt my sense of self had contracted. Actually, what I had done was prune off everything, once more, that wasn’t my true identity. What was left was this seed, the beautiful core of my True Self. The seed is small but it is a tiny package of infinite potential. Everything I want to become and do in the world is encapsulated inside this seed, ready to be expressed. The size of my vision contrasted with the sense of current smallness I was feeling, had caused me to feel unsure about the outcome.

“You think you are a Seed, but you are a Tree!” the Universe answered. The seed and the tree are the same essence, have the same DNA, but are at different stages of expression of “tree-ness.” The seed, planted in the ground and receiving water and nutrients, has no choice but to become a tree. It has no option but to fulfill its purpose in becoming a big beautiful expression of itself and playing its part in the world. You have been created for a purpose, given gifts to make this world a more beautiful place as you express your essence. The tree doesn’t worry about whether or not it will become what it was meant to be. It simply stays connected to Source, receiving it’s supply of nutrients from the earth and sun to grow. These are provided without the tree having to manage or worry about anything. The tree just goes through its tree process. So the answer is: I have no option but to become what I was created to be. I am safe to let go and let the growth happen naturally.

“But what about the risks?” We have been trained to do a risk-benefit analysis in all our decisions in life. This linear way of thinking shuts down the infinite possibilities available to us, and assumes we have a choice. Does the seed have a choice in whether or not it becomes a tree? Not really. If it doesn’t become a tree it dies. And that’s what happens to us, we die inside if we do not reach for our potential. Yes, there will be challenges, but those will all be orchestrated for our ultimate growth. Wind, drought and even brushes with fire all make the tree stronger and more adapted to its environment.

The Universe offered one last insight:

“If all the Seeds feared the fire, there would be no Forest.”

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