What is life coaching and who is it for?

Transformational Life Coaching is for those who want to take their personal evolution to the next level. Coaching assumes you are whole and capable and have all the answers you need inside you. My role is to walk beside you with loving compassion as you access your own deep intuition and inner knowing.

As a Transformational Coach, I help you develop a holistic view of your life and uncover where negative patterns, limiting beliefs, underdeveloped personal skills and unaligned goals are affecting your overall wellbeing. Coaching is your personal journey into your deepest truths, while I serve as a guide providing intuitive insights, tools, guidance and support.

Uncover and release the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks you didn’t even realize were holding you back
Gain clarity and vision for your life path moving forward
Develop the mental and emotional skills you need to create your life with intention
Learn how to listen to your inner guidance and make decisions free of confusion or fear

Life Coaching

I provide a sacred space for you to explore various issues in your life, determine what is holding you back and help you cast a vision for the future. As you connect with your inner truth and tap into your heart’s deepest desires, you can create your life from a place of authenticity. I’ll help you take the inspired actions towards your dreams that get you the results you want. I supply the tools you need to thrive not just survive.

Relationship Coaching

Developing a nurturing relationship with yourself is the key to building successful relationships with others. Working from a strong foundation of Self Love, you will develop relationship skills such as boundary setting, emotional adulthood and releasing expectations in your relationships. Discover how to connect deeply with others free of people pleasing, manipulation or the need to control outcomes.

Transition Coaching

Transformation requires change. Major life transitions will challenge you at your core level. They also provide the ideal environment for personal growth. Navigating gracefully through life’s unexpected twists and turns requires a beginner’s mindset, resilience and self-compassion. I’ll help you find clarity in the complexity. You can embrace the messiness as you find inner peace and hope for the future.

Energetic Support

Marconic Energy Healing can support your coaching journey. Marconics unlocks your hidden strengths and talents and aligns you with your authentic life path. Energy work clears the energetic density holding you back from rising higher. Clients report increased mental clarity, better emotional balance, heightened intuition, spontaneous physical healing and a stronger connection to their Higher Self and Source

Coaching Packages

My regular hourly rate for coaching is $120. Invest in yourself and save with Coaching or Coaching + Energy Packages.

6 Session Coaching Package

Over six sessions, I work with you to transform one or two major areas of concern in your life. Weekly accountability is provided and brief phone support is available.

You will receive the transformative tools you need to continue powerfully coaching yourself.

$655 (Save $65)

Corona Discount $599 (Save $121)


12 Session Coaching Package

Twelve sessions provide ample time to dig in deeply and make major shifts in your thoughts and beliefs, dramatically impacting the results you see in your life.

Email and phone support are included in your package as well as weekly exercises tailored just for you.

$1199 (Save $241)

Corona Discount $1099 (Save $341)

Coaching + Energy Transformation Package

My most popular package includes 3 Marconic Energy No-Touch sessions and 3 coaching sessions.

Combining energy work and coaching results in rapid clearing, clearer connection to your intuition and a heightened ability to discern your next steps. You will reach a higher vibrational state in just 6 weeks.

$599 (save $94)

Unavailable Until October 2020 


“I cannot say enough good things about Tawney and the support she has provided me through an incredibly hard season of life. Her coaching style has moved me from a place of complacency, by equipping me with ways to hold myself accountable for the actions I want to take and direction I want to move in. She is an incredibly strong listener with the ability to hear and pull important pieces that need to be addressed or processed properly. I always look forward to our sessions together, because I know I consistently come away feeling empowered to move towards my goals quicker and with a realistic plan in place. Thankful for her!” Meg, Denver, Colorado

“I met Tawney through The Life Coach School. She reached out and explained the amazing work she does and I felt so called to work with her. We did a remote marconics session (she is in Colorado and I’m in Ohio). During the session, I felt so many physical sensations from being pulled, lifted, and held. With the help of three marconic sessions and three life coaching sessions, I have been able to Identify my true calling, begin speaking my truth with confidence, begin showing up more as myself in marriage, forgive myself for years of self hate and doubt, attracting more Clients without any marketing, and building a community of like minded women. I am so grateful for Tawney’s skill and love.” Liz, Dayton, Ohio

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