Jackson Carson

Certified Advanced Marconic Energy Practitioner – Longmont, Colorado

Greetings, fellow bright beings!

For most of my life as a highly sensitive empath, I’ve known that I have a calling to be a healer. Until I embodied Marconic Energy, no modality resonated with me enough to develop a formal practice.

Now, I am delighted to have found a protocol that aligns directly with my own ascension path and my personal mission to raise the vibe on the planet, and help others ascend.

Through my work, I can help enable you to come into a deep and meaningful alignment with your Soul-Self at Source and create the opportunity to download, assimilate, and integrate new energies into your physical body.

From my home in Longmont, Colorado, I offer:

  • No-Touch – a foundational Marconic healing and ascension energy protocol to help you connect to higher dimensional aspects of yourself
  • Quantum Recalibration – an advanced ascension protocol (the “human upgrade”) to help you perceive, experience, thrive, and sustain at higher frequencies
  • Lux Magnum – an advanced energetic balancing protocol to activate a new electric and magnetic system in your body and to help you align fully with yourself at Source

I also offer Remote No-Touch sessions for high vibe beings anywhere in the world!

Take my hand and join me as we level up… Let’s go!

Marconic Energy

The Human Upgrade



Activate your DNA and Unlock your gifts

Accelerate Your Evolutionary Ascension

Attract resonant people and experiences

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Dear Jackson –

For the nearly 20 years we’ve been friends, I’ve admired your intellect, your humor, your compassion, curiosity, and deep insight. I’ve been amazed by your talent as a designer, musician, artist and healer.

It’s exciting to see you bringing your healing abilities to a whole new level this year. I really enjoyed our sessions together, and can feel the lasting results. Thank you my friend! Stay grounded! Stay amazing!

Lots of Love,

Jeffrey Allen

Author of "Duality Energy Training" for Mindvalley

I received a remote [Marconic Energy No-Touch] session from Jackson during a challenging time when I felt trapped in my body and stuck up against an invisible ceiling holding me down. It worked so well I scheduled another session. In both sessions, I felt palpable energy shifts. Space opened up within me and around me, and I’m creating my 3D life with much more ease now.

Alison Anton

Author of "True Healing" and Athletic Trainer